The Hawaii Institute of Hair Design is an eligible institution under the following programs:

  • Pell Grant
  • Supplementary Education Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
  • William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program

    Federal Funding is available to qualifying students

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    Many records must be acquired prior to Financial Aid Application. Call the Financial Aid Administrator prior to applying for school. He/She will alert you of materials you will need to bring to the school for Financial Aid Application documentation. You may apply free online at Beware of help sites that require payments. Financial Aid application is free.

    All required Financial Aid documents must be delivered to the school's office prior to receipt of aid and completion of the course. The school contracts with FAME Financial Aid Student Management Systems to assist with student progress assessment, financial aid awards, payments, reports, and reconciliations. All financial aid dollars are deposited to the HIHD Federal Financial Aid accounts and transferred to student ledgers. Student distributions will be by checks, not through direct deposit into students' bank accounts/cards. Students qualify for financial aid only if they maintain satisfactory progress. Unsatisfactory progress and interruptions result in suspension and cancellation of payments; terminations result in recalculation of awards. A student who does not achieve 90% attendance in time for final financial aid disbursement must pay the tuition balance caused by the loss of aid, before graduating.

    Terminated students must also repay some of the grant money received at the school. The Federal return of funds information and policy is available in the Financial Aid Handbook at the school office. Federal Policies are also available in the handbook at (, at Withdrawals and the Return of the Title IV Funds.

    It is the policy of the school to distribute refunds up to and including the amount paid by the student using the Return to Title IV Aid Federal Calculation in the following order:

    1. to Unsubsidized Direct Loans
    2. to Subsidized Direct Loans
    3. to PLUS (FFEL)
    4. to Pell
    5. to FSEOG
    6. to Other Sources of Aid
    7. to Students



    The school will adhere to the most stringent loan standards. The School, corporate employees and staff of Hawaii Institute of Hair Design will not request or accept anything of value from any bank or institution that offers student loans to our students. All dealing with financial aid, including loans for students must be fully performed by employees the Hawaii Institute of Hair Design or our school management firm and not representatives of the Lending institutions. When the school offered Stafford Loans, the school maintained a list of lenders which offered student loans and allowed students to choose their lenders from anywhere loans could be acquired, prohibiting none. The school does not offer private loans and will not accept anything from private lenders as concessions or agreements for accepting private loans. The school does participate with the Direct Loan Program and may use educational information and materials provided by the government and their servicing agencies. Any staff member violating any codicil of this code of conduct will be strongly disciplined, possibly terminated.

    * Refund priorities will be adjusted to comply with Federal Regulations.


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